RGTyler: Road to 2015: Advisors and Ideology.

Parliament may not have been sitting this week but that doesn’t mean that the world of politics has gone cold. In fact quite the opposite. This week saw David Cameron come out as an Evangelical Christian. This follows several weeks of his subtly hinting that the “Big Society” was the work of Jesus. However I [...]

Ananko: Sophisticated Signs

You know how it is, you’re driving along the motorway, and you see a big illuminated sign that hangs over the hard shoulder which has a message for you. They usually have a message actually, and it’s often different, because the signs are so sophisticated that they’re run by a team of people who monitor [...]

Russell Taylor: The Fall of Man

When did it happen? When did everyone stop having fun and start obsessing over their bodies? Social media is groaning under the weight of onanistic bores announcing how many miles they ran today. The roads are jammed with ‘weekend warriors’, who think it’s okay to hold up motorists because they take cycling seriously. Inboxes overflow [...]

Rocco: If in doubt, Shakespeare

Exams in England are to be made harder, and as you’d expect, this being England, what this means is much more Shakespeare in the curriculum. Ah, Shakespeare! The thinking man’s…  Er, the unthinking politician’s…  The… Erm… No, it’s no good. I can’t think of anything witty. Oh, woe! Woe! Would’st that I was taught’th more [...]

RGTyler: Road to 2015: The Maria Miller Scandal.

Early this week Maria Miller, quite rightly, stepped down as culture secretary after being caught in an expenses scandal. Of course she only stepped down after having blown the scandal up. Party members off all sides called for her to resign or be booted out of Cabinet yet David Cameron continued to defend her. It [...]

Russell Taylor: Reality is not optional

For many years, popular opinion of what was acceptable and what was not remained largely unchanged. The conventional view of having children out of wedlock, for instance, was much the same in 1800 as it was a century later. Things began to change more quickly after the war, as people came to see traditional morality [...]

Rocco: Pest Justice

Pop quiz, hotshot: There’s a rat in your kitchen – what are you gonna do? Shriek? Fair enough. But after that, though. Call a pest controller? Yeah, sounds like a good idea to me. Now then, which one? Which of the many pest controllers available will you call? Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical. I don’t [...]

RGTyler: Road to 2015: Third Parties

This week… Nigel vs Nick round 2… Green Party Gains… and Labours Lame Duck Leader.   Nigel vs Nick Round 2: Last week the majority of polls seemed to agree that Nigel Farage had won the debate, despite a few questionable comments that the mainstream media seem to have interpreted as support for support of [...]

Russell Taylor: In Praise of Prison

The standard do-gooder’s verdict on prison is that it doesn’t work as a deterrent and fails to rehabilitate criminals. As proof, they point to how many people are currently in jail and how many reoffend following their release. Apparently, we should spare people prison time for minor offences, and try to rehabilitate the rest by [...]

Rocco: Leg or breast?

There’s been some outrage these past weeks over an NHS Trust that paid for an aspiring glamour model’s breast augmentation, but refused funding for a girl with cerebral palsy to have an operation on her spine so she could learn to walk. Now, I like boobs. And I like legs, too. But which is better? [...]