The Bogpaper 2012 survey

We’re all feeling stressed around this time of year dedicating our energies to buying presents with money we don’t have, for people we don’t like and who don’t even need those presents. It’s exhausting. So why not take a break, make a cup of tea and take our Bogpaper 2012 survey.

  • Simon Roberts

    I would have voted for Mr Delingpole as the soundest bloke of 2012 if he had been on the list!

    • Maryelizabeth Mann

      Protocol for public engagement with proposed wind power developments in England.

      Meetings: Feb3rd 2006 and Peer Review, Feb 27th 2006 Dti London It seemed wind power developmentsThe protocol as discussed on Feb3rd seemed to give the impression that windpower developments will always be permitted and that only benefits will occur rather than a balance .Invited to e mail comments to Simon Roberts before the second meeting I consulted with colleagues both in the North East and other areas including the South West, on the proposed protocol .A consensus of opinion follows which I then e mailed to Simon Roberts

      Surely the protocol should imply that in cases where a full economic and environmental assessment demonstrates that the range of impacts and disbenefits are so great, the development should be rejected.

      Is this why you support Yeo?.
      ME Mann

    • Tallbloke

      Funny I did vote for him as the biggest slimeball.

    • Steven Dobbs

      added James Delingpole as slimeball

  • dr

    You could. You had to choose “other”.

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  • Robinson

    Douglas Carswell the soundest bloke of 2012 in my view.

  • Notareargunner

    I just had to vote for the paymaster general, Rupert Murdoch.

  • Phil Richmond

    Has to be Farage for soundest bloke.

  • Boudicca

    Soundest bloke has to be Farage. But Paterson is looking fairly promising for the Tories, longer term.

  • Martin Jordan

    I think Gove would be in the tiop 5, he seems to getting education back on track but Farage has to be number 1.

  • The Truth

    Iain Duncan smith is the biggest slime ball of the year by far!