Guest Post – Jörg Guido Hülsmann: The Ethics of Money Production

One of our favourite blogs here at Bogpaper is The God That Failed. In his latest post, Andy Duncan discusses some of his favourite Austrian economics books, and provides a brief review of Jörg Guido Hülsmann’s ‘The Ethics of Money Production’. In these times when even the president of the World Bank can be caught whispering […]

Guest Post: Cameron, Nasim Taleb and cutting debt

Writing for The Real Asset Co, Will Bancroft asks whether David Cameron’s apparent appreciation for Nasim Taleb’s deep aversion to debt, really is being shown in the apparent austerity measures. Nasim Nicholas Taleb, author of the bestselling book The Black Swan, has been a favourite philosopher and financial commentator of ours for some time. He […]

ECB banker left speechless by Irish journalist

Sent to us by a Bogpaper fan, we enjoyed this clip of Irish journalist Vincent Browne making an ECB Banker squirm by asking him why Irish citizens should be made to pay for elements of this crisis which they had no part in creating. [youtube]

Detlev Schlichter: What gives money value, and is fractional-reserve banking fraud?

We are big fans of Detlev Schlichter’s debut book Paper Money Collapse, here at Bogpaper. We have shown you some of his writings before, and here is his latest offering. Often people ask what is it that gives money value? Here Mr Schlichter explains and why Fractional Reserve Banking is not fraudulent. I thought I […]

Guest Post: The ground zero of global corruption – it starts with the currency

In the article below, from Joanne Nova, she explains why we should all be interested in gold and silver investment, and how scared governments are of the precious metals markets and the lengths they will go to. Read the original article here. The scale of the rot is something to behold.  Something is grossly, wantonly […]

Guest Post: Is it gas prices, or the dollar, stupid?

It’s fun watching the Obama Administration’s insincere contortions over gasoline pump prices, since Obama’s claims that he wants lower pump prices so palpably fly in the face of his latent “energy-prices-will-necessarily-skyrocket” philosophy, not to mention discrete decisions like blocking Keystone.  But perhaps Obama’s economic advisers are telling him (assuming that he listens to them—there is […]

Sean Rosenthal: Krugman and British Austerity

Another excellent article from contributors of the Mises Daily blog. Here in Britain there isn’t a day goes by where we don’t hear of the strict austerity measures which the government have put in place. However, are they really that strict? Sean Rosenthal felt the need to point out they weren’t after reading misinformed Paul […]

Guest Post: How to Understand the Monetary System

In our article for today we look at a brief explanation of how the monetary system works. If you would like to understand more check out our Favourite Sites section or get in touch ( Read the original article here. The reason the global monetary system survives is largely thanks to the public’s blissful ignorance […]