Fifty Shades of Government

Whilst a book of a similar name has garnered much attention recently (including in Bogpaper Towers) we think this article adds slightly a lot more value and content to the debate on government and freedom. Well worth a read and definitely worth passing onto potential Bogpaperites. It’s got us all talking and thinking. On a […]

Why too much a good thing is never a good thing

Economists cannot know what is ‘better.’ They can only know what is ‘more.’ They have numbers. They can count. They can add up ‘more’. As for ‘better,’ they have no idea. So, in their little minds, more is better. That is the thinking that has driven the profession…and much of the world economy…to absurdity. Throughout […]

The Fiat Currency World

money supply growth of GBP

Read the original article here. The Olympics were held in the UK this month and the number of items we can point out about the country that provided the inspiration for the book, 1984, are lengthy. Look no further than the currency used in the UK, the British pound sterling. Not one in a million […]

Part II – 41 years since we all became Keynesians

An honestly governed gold standard eliminates “discretionary” monetary policy by centralized authorities (i.e., central banks). Gold is an honest check on the amount of leverage that can build in the financial system and it limits the amount of money the government can borrow. A government that does not have a captive central bank and fiat […]

41 years since we all became Keynesians

Rumour has it that this little beauty of an op-ed piece was written by someone over at JP Morgan, you’ll see why we’re so surprised when you’ve read it. It’s an interesting read, with some interesting references as to just why we ended up where we are. This is an excellent introduction to the history […]

Gary North: Keynesianism vs. the Gold Coin Standard

As you all know, we’re not exactly fans of Keynesian ideas here at Bogpaper Towers, particularly those which have taken Keynes’ ideals and manipualted them according to political or personal motivations. Nonetheless, Keynesian theory continues to dominate the mainstream and it is responsible for presenting many misinformed arguments against Austrian proposals such as a gold standard. […]

The Irish Times are onto something

We nearly choked on our coco-pops this morning when we read this – The Irish Times are onto the fact that the damage to the financial system is thanks to the powers which are given to banks to create their own money. In article which is primarily about the Quinn family a few comments are […]

Post Olympic recession depression

Yesterday the London 2012 Olympics ended with a spectacular finish, leaving the UK proud to have pulled off such a historical event. Across the globe the world’s media have sung our praises on the success of such a great 16 days. The London Olympics was just one of a handful of events which the UK, […]