The monetary system needs exorcising

Jens Weidmann hasn’t exactly kept quiet about his lack of support for the ECB bond-buying program. But this week he put it into a context which the public would be able to understand, he ‘shocked’ Europeans by relating the program to that of making a deal with the devil. Weidmann refers, as many have before him, to […]

Application for role of Governor of Bank of England

The below came via James Delingpole via Dr Tim Evans via Simon Rose over at Save Our Savers. As we all know the position for Bank of England Governor is now up for grabs being as Sir Mervyn’s term runs out next summer. Speculation is rife as to who will not only get the position […]

QE to infinity – what happens now?

For those of you who don’t know, yesterday the Federal Reserve announced an open-ended approach to QE. Below, the Victory Report have produced a video explaining why quantitative easing, which is effectively money printing, is so dangerous for the US economy. [youtube]

Scary chart of the day

We saw this rather terrifying chart over at Zerohedge earlier on and thought we would share it all with you. Whilst we realise some people can be a little paranoid, the huge increase in gun sales since the financial crisis started is quite astonishing and terrifying…and maybe a little weird. We sould hope that should […]


Thanks to regular reader and contributor, West Tipp, for sending us over this great post from Stephen Donnelly TD. Scroll down the great infographic at the end of the article. At Bogpaper Towers we would like to spend more time looking at the situation in Ireland, they seem to have dealt with this crisis with […]

QE – speeds up loss of wealth

We have long been against QE here at Bogpaper. It is a dangerous and reactive policy to something which was caused by dangerous and reactive policies in the first place. Even Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, late last week admitted that these stimulus measures were unproven in history and they were walking down an untrodden […]