Marx on Monday – We need the EU and its bent banana laws

Is there a more odious, fascist, climate change denying, dangerous and destructive monster in Britain today than the leader of UKIP Nigel Farage? His continuous assault on Britain’s membership of the European Union puts our economy, culture and legal system at risk. Most people in this country, including me, are overwhelmingly in favour of our […]

Delingpole on Friday: The dangerous disability rights mob

So just who are the most thoroughly unpleasant people out there on the internet? Well obviously with Piers Morgan and Sunny Hundal – and me, I suppose – the bar has been set pretty high. But for pure, vicious, shrill malevolence, I have to say it’s pretty hard to beat disability rights activists. You can […]

Marx on Monday: Stoke for European City of Culture!

Kevin Marx, a view from the left So Luis Suarez dived to win a penalty against Stoke did he? And he also bundled the ball into the net with his hand against Mansfield did he? So what! His own manager has called his behavior unacceptable and the press are up in arms about Suarez being […]

Lop off his bollocks!

I’m just in the middle of William Dalrymple’s fantastically entertaining Return of A King about the First Afghan War. You can see why George Macdonald Fraser chose the same material for his first Flashman novel. It’s the gift that goes on giving, the story with everything: epic Imperial hubris; spectacular incompetence; pomp brought low; magnificent […]

Marx on Monday – the demonisation of the working class

In the film “Malcolm X” the great leader was asked by a young blonde haired girl what she, as a white person, could do for the black cause. Malcolm gave her a one word reply, “nothing.” Malcolm X came to bitterly regret this comment in later life, realising that there were many sincere white people […]

Delingpole on Friday: Et tu, Caitlin Moran

One of the great things about my Bogpaper column up until now is that I haven’t broached the topic I write about pretty much every day on my Telegraph blog, every other column in the Spectator, and probably one out of every three articles I write elsewhere? Climate ****ing change. I would spell out the […]

Delingpole on Friday – Your soundtrack for 2013

Hello Bogpaper. Happy New Year! I did think about kicking off with my predictions for the year. But then I realised that this would only make you want to top yourselves (Basically: buy gold! Buy ammo! Stock up on baked beans and barbed wire!) so instead I’m going copy what our political class has been […]