Russell Taylor: In praise of inequality

It seems to be taken as read nowadays that inequality is a Very Bad Thing, the eradication of which should form the basis of most government policy. There is, of course, a world of difference between equality before the law and equality of outcome, but the idea that our society is fundamentally unjust is now […]

Marx on Monday: Animal Rights

In the cruel and disgusting upper class world of hunting, people on horseback chase after and kill, for fun, that most loveable of all animals – the fox. So it wasn’t without some amusement that I read in the news this week that an urban fox had attacked and bitten a child in London, and that children up […]

Delingpole on Friday: governments can’t spend their way out of a recession by stimulating demand.

He can cope with serial killers – “It’s just serial people who vote Conservative all the time I find very difficult to understand.” This is a line from a Guardian interview with the British lawyer Clive Stafford Smith who campaigns on behalf of killers on death row. He’s clearly a very committed individual who feels […]

Introducing Russell Taylor: In praise of perspective

Bogpaper Towers has a new resident! Russell Taylor, a classical liberal who believes in low taxes and a small state, and holds the Left responsible for just about everything wrong in the world today. Let us know what you think in the comments below.   My mother grew up in a rented two-up two-down in South-East […]

Delingpole on Friday: How right I am to feel the way I do

As regular readers will know I’m in such a continual state of foaming fury about the idiocies of the world that I sometimes go over the top. “Truly, there aren’t enough bullets”, I’m wont to cry in exasperation. Once this was just a phrase. Increasingly though – after a very successful ongoing campaign by the […]

Marx on Monday – Protecting overseas aid

In these difficult financial times it warms my heart to see that the dynamic duo of Tory politics, David Cameron and George Osborne, haven’t lost sight of what Britain’s public spending priorities should be for our ever decreasing tax yield – I’m talking, of course, about overseas aid! Because of the dire economic state the […]

Delingpole on Friday – do I have it coming?

What will they say of me if I’m assassinated with a sharpened carrot by some deranged vegan or clubbed to death by the Duke of Gloucester with a scale model of one of the vast wind turbines he plans to inflict on the Northamptonshire countryside? This isn’t a question I feel comfortable asking even in […]

Marx on Monday – dragging the UK back to 1964

Generally, as my regular readers will be aware, I am not a fan of the Tories. But, if you aspire to be a credible political commentator, you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. For that reason, may I take this opportunity to salute the economic vision of David Cameron and George Osborne – […]

Delingpole on Friday – Why do we do it?

Apologies this has gone up late…our editor is entirely to blame! In case you missed it I was on Question Time the other night. Up until I got my invitation, this was something I’d vowed never do. Why? Because short of being lowered slowly by a rope from a helicopter into a school of oceanic […]