A Deposit In A Bank Is Not A Riskless Form Of Saving

Like Lehman Brothers before it, Cyprus may well come to be seen not so much as the cause of further crisis but as yet another symptom of the ‘long emergency’ that continues to suffocate the western economies. We would describe this emergency as, fundamentally, an inevitable crisis triggered by an unsustainable explosion of credit; western […]

Russell Taylor – in Praise of Pragmatism

Russell Taylor is a classical liberal who believes in low taxes and a small state, and holds the Left responsible for just about everything wrong in the world today. One of the obvious lessons of the Asian Tsunami of 2004 was that ramshackle coastal settlements don’t cope well with natural disasters. If the same waves […]

Allister Heath on Capital Controls

THERE is something truly terrifying about capital controls, the harsh restrictions that may soon be imposed on Cypriots. The freedom to take your money out of a country, and into another, at will and with no taxes, is an essential bulwark of a free society. It is also a central tool in a world of […]

Marx on Monday: The budget

At last, thanks to our boy wonder Chancellor, George Osborne, we have finally had a budget for the working man. I was beginning to get worried about the Tories, what with all the talk about putting a minimum price on alcohol, but George has finally laid my fears to rest by slashing the price of […]

Delingpole on the weekend – Worse is better

“Worse is better,” said Nigel Farage to me the other day, channelling Lenin. And, of course, as far as UKIP’s electoral prospects are concerned he couldn’t be more right. It’s not its (generally very sensible) policies which are going to see UKIP clean up at this May’s local elections, and next year’s Euro elections. Nor […]

Marx on Monday – Chris Huhne

The best advice my dad ever gave me was that there is only one crime – getting caught. I have treasured that advice for many years but I now realise that my dad was wrong. There is another offence – marrying a stupid woman. That’s why Chris Huhne is in prison for 8 months and […]

Delingpole on Friday – Why Merkel won’t punish the Greeks

  On Thursday night I took part in a Spectator debate. The motion: Britain’s future lies outside Europe. You’ll not be surprised that I was speaking for (with Nigel Farage and economist Prof Patrick Minford) rather than against (with Valery Giscard D’Estaing; Richard Ottaway MP and Steve Richards, the Independent journalist). The most interesting part […]

Russell Taylor – In Praise of doing the right thing

  In a Royal Park close to where I live, there is a problem with people not cleaning up after their dogs. In response, signs have appeared that read, “There’s no such thing as the poo fairy”, showing a small winged creature spiriting away a plastic bag. These signs acknowledge that some owners put their […]

Delingpole on Friday: Schools teaching you to be free

When I was at school I remember reserving a special place in hell for those particular members of staff – ‘masters’ as we termed them back then – who went round insisting we did up our ties properly and had our shirts buttoned to the very top. I loathed these teachers first because of a […]