This week’s geek insanity news kicks off with a  >SCREAM<  Facebook horror. A schoolgirl’s Facebook post cost her dad a smooth 80,ooo bucks. He won an Age discrimination case against his former employer and his hapless daughter promptly posted a triumphal SUCK-IT-former-employer post on Facebook. Sadly, this violated the non-disclosure clause and a small fortune […]

Hickling: The Great Reset


The Austrian Way’s latest article has inspired me to think more about the “end-game” as far the current state of international finance is concerned. In particular, about one possibility I’d like to get reader feedback on. None of us doubt that we’re heading for some kind of economic denouement. For all the happy talk in […]

The Austrian Way: Clever old Bernanke


Finally we taper. Last week Ben Bernanke saved the dollar… I mean stopped raping the dollar quite as hard as he had been. He’s going to trim QE by $10bn per month and slow down his dishing out of the funny money to £75bn a month. It’s the biggest news in the markets this quarter and […]

The Austrian Way: In praise of Jim Rickards

James Rickards

Have you ever heard of Jim Rickards? Yes. Nice work, you’re probably on a sound path. No. You need to sort that out, dude. There are some people who austro-libertarian window lickers like us need to doff our caps to, and one is Jim Rickards. Our ideas, as we often bemoan, are out of favor […]

RGTyler: Bitcoin will never replace Gold

Call me old fashioned but I’m still not convinced by this Bitcoin thing. I will admit now that I was an early adopter, back in 2009, but quickly realised that it had no value and that I couldn’t spent it anywhere. And boy do I wish I hadn’t got rid of them. Simply because I […]

The Austrian Way: The epic battle between the internet and fiat

As Austro-libertarian nut-jobs we at Bogpaper salivate like dogs in a butcher’s shop when we see new forms of money emerging in the market for our savings and capital. Obviously we’re untrusting of state imposed monetary systems and think legal tenders laws are ridiculous. We don’t think monetary affairs can be run well when they’re […]

The Austrian Way: Is this the best account of the financial mess we’re in?

Many of us here at Bogpaper towers and many of you good readers have arrived at a (hopefully considered) structurally bearish view of the financial system after years of thinking, reading and enquiry. We know it’s all about money and banking and that today’s greatest ever experiment in fiat money, hyperactive central banking and state […]

The Austrian Way: When will the financial system collapse upon itself?

Those of an Austrian economic mindset find the construction of today’s financial system unfit for purpose, flawed and guaranteed to eventual failure. You know, all that fiat money stuff, bubble economics, 30 times leveraged investment banks, global debt proliferation, proto-Keynesian print-print-and-hope economic management et cetera. If you’re thinking this way, you’ll likely see the thing […]