Rocco: Poor People Are Untrustworthy And The Government Must Prevent Them From Earning A Living


Because I’m so modern, diverse, progressive and all that, I read something written by a woman over the weekend. I was really only killing time before the match came on, and obviously I wasn’t expecting the article to make any sense, but actually it was almost as good as if a man had wrote it. […]

Hickling: Triffin, revisited

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme”. So goes the old saying – one that seems particularly relevant as far as two recent economic stories are concerned. One: the storm in emerging markets, with many pundits fearing a rerun of the Asian crisis of 1997; and secondly the story in the FT last week […]

Russell Taylor: Sign up here to fight for the future

I’ve just become a father for the second time, and I find myself wondering what kind of a world my daughter will grow up in. From my perspective, we’re living in an age of decline. Not just economically, but culturally and spiritually. We have come to believe that people are unruly children in need of […]

Rocco: Finders keepers and the voluntary society

The famous occultist Alisteir Crowley had it that “Do what thou wilt” is the whole of the law. That’s not a law, though. It’s the absence of law. “Finders keepers” on the other hand… now that’s a law! Even a child can understand it. But that doesn’t make it a childish law. Far from it. […]

Eadon on Tech: Government Versus Microsoft – Office Wars

This week’s geek insanity news is what the UK Government thinks is an extortionately expensive geek insanity, namely that giving a small number of software mega-vendors gazillions of tax payers’  bucks a year is generally a bad idea. Your tax gets lavished on two kinds of proprietary software: hand crafted software that operates various mammoth […]

Russell Taylor: Being rich is not a crime


Labour’s promise to reinstate the 50 per cent tax rate for people earning over £150,000 per year has been met by a predictable response from both sides of the political divide. The Right has pointed out that it will reduce government revenue and that cutting taxes will have the opposite effect. The Left, meanwhile, has […]

RGTyler: The 95 are Right!

Bernard Jenkins, Douglas Carswell and the other 93 Conservative backbenchers are right to be upset and have every right to voice their views. Many people have been criticising them for attacking the party leadership but the fact of the matter is that they’re just doing their job. As backbenchers it is their job to keep […]

Should The UK Introduce A Universal Basic Income?

There’s been much excitement among some of my more politically-minded friends recently over the upcoming vote in Switzerland on a universal basic income. The poll concerns a guaranteed income for all legal residents – whether rich, poor, or in the middle. Famed for its direct democracy and regular referendums, the Swiss have voted on issues […]