Guest Blog: Liberty Rebel: Unite the Who?

Michael St George, the weekend editor of, responds to Toby Youngs ‘Unite the Right’ campaign. I have huge regard for Mr Toby Young. I identify strongly with his robust classical liberalism, consistently expressed in the face of prevailing metropolitan left-liberal orthodoxy. And I bow to few in my admiration for his role in the […]

Guest Post: Toby Young: Unite the Right!

The most common objection to a CON-UKIP pact is that neither David Cameron nor Nigel Farage will touch it. So why waste time discussing it? This was driven home by a YouGov poll last month which found that a formal electoral pact between the two parties would benefit Labour more than the Conservatives or UKIP, with Labour’s […]

RentaQuill: The Death of the Magna Carta

The Death of the Magna Carta Magna Carta proclaimed 37 articles that were to be ‘kept in our Kingdom of England forever’. It may have seen a seal, not a signature, at Runnymede but take a guess how many of the original statutes still apply today… Just three. At the moment, a petty tridominium still […]

Sorry, Syria – by Margaret Thatcher

Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya… it is no coincidence that these troubled nations lie in Orwell’s “Disputed Regions” in “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.  They are, inherently, Tribal Nations.  (Orwell understood this very well in “Nineteen Eighty-Four” hence his label and description about the wars that were undertaken there, this is, however, another post for another time.) These tribes […]

Reader post: Thoughts on IPCC report

Thanks to regular reader Simon Roberts for his offering below, which he was inspired to write on the leaked draft IPCC report. Leave your comments and thoughts below!     So, it seems that the IPCC are about to admit what many of us have known all along – that the warming of the environment at […]

Detlev Schlichter: Germany’s economy is only king in the blind valley of the Eurozone

As many of you know, we’re big fans of Detlev Schlichter’s here at Bogpaper Towers. A German Austrian economist, his book ‘Paper Money Collapse’ is an excellent alternative viewpoint to the current jargon which we are currently fed by politicians and the mainstream media. Below, Detlev explains why we should not believe the hype about […]

The unavoidable economic catastrophe

L: So Doug, you’re off to FreedomFest 2012 shortly, where people will be able to hear your latest thoughts on many subjects. Maybe you can give us a sneak preview on whatever is uppermost on your mind today. Doug: FreedomFest should be especially outrageous, since I’ll be tag-teaming with my friend Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante for a featured […]

Iceland’s stunning comeback gives Eurozone food for thought

It’s interesting just quite how little Iceland is mentioned these days. Whilst the Eurozone’s leaders fight against the chance of total collapse, perhaps they should look to Iceland for a ‘what if…’ scenario. Allister Heath explains: GUESS which developed country could enjoy the fastest growth this year? Come on? Alright, then – it’s Iceland. Its […]

Our fatally conceited elites are being confronted with reality

We enjoy reading Allister Heath’s column here at Bogpaper Towers, and today’s did not disappoint. In the column below, he discusses ‘fatal conceits’, the beliefs governments have in regard to their power and abilities in an economy. Read the original article here. IT was FA Hayek, an economics Nobel prize winner of immeasurably greater distinction […]