RGTyler Interviews: Yorkshire Devolution Movement.

One of the most surprising, and yet almost unnoticed, result in the European Elections that have just past was that of Yorkshire and Humber region. If you look down the results list you will notice a new party, that was only founded earlier this year, Yorkshire First. It’s a party that gained nearly 20,000 votes […]

Guest Post: Toby Young: Unite the Right!

The most common objection to a CON-UKIP pact is that neither David Cameron nor Nigel Farage will touch it. So why waste time discussing it? This was driven home by a YouGov poll last month which found that a formal electoral pact between the two parties would benefit Labour more than the Conservatives or UKIP, with Labour’s […]

Part 2: The seven rules of bureaucracy

Rule #5: Maximize public-relations exposure by creating a cover story that appeals to the universal need to help people. Government bureaucracy is honed on populist rhetoric. Bureaucrats have become skilled at using the “helping the people” angle when making speeches, and especially when dealing with the press. It is a variation of the “people angle” […]

James Delingpole discusses Bogpaper.com

Welcome to Bogpaper! Learn about James Delingpole’s motivations for being a part of Bogpaper.com If you want to get in touch with us, email us: bogpaper@gmail.com Part 1 [youtube http://youtu.be/5wljN7h8pSw] Read James’ first blog piece here Part 2 [youtube http://youtu.be/tSWTFQtz1to] If you want to join in the debate email: bogpaper@gmail.com

Libertarian Dr Tim Evans talks to Bogpaper

In 2011, Jan Skoyles, interviewed Dr Tim Evans from the Cobden Centre. They discuss libertarianism, free market and the impending financial collapse. Part 1 [youtube http://youtu.be/vgY6ILyoTKM] Part 2 [youtube http://youtu.be/tu90wSlfhH4] Part 3 [youtube http://youtu.be/NmuQ1LAmmc0] Part 4 [youtube http://youtu.be/Nto5pKEAU18] Part 5 [youtube http://youtu.be/Nb1goT72I2E] Part 6 [youtube http://youtu.be/J1sY8X20Uzk]