Rocco: If in doubt, Shakespeare

Exams in England are to be made harder, and as you’d expect, this being England, what this means is much more Shakespeare in the curriculum. Ah, Shakespeare! The thinking man’s…  Er, the unthinking politician’s…  The… Erm… No, it’s no good. I can’t think of anything witty. Oh, woe! Woe! Would’st that I was taught’th more [...]

Rocco: Pest Justice

Pop quiz, hotshot: There’s a rat in your kitchen – what are you gonna do? Shriek? Fair enough. But after that, though. Call a pest controller? Yeah, sounds like a good idea to me. Now then, which one? Which of the many pest controllers available will you call? Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical. I don’t [...]

Rocco: Leg or breast?

There’s been some outrage these past weeks over an NHS Trust that paid for an aspiring glamour model’s breast augmentation, but refused funding for a girl with cerebral palsy to have an operation on her spine so she could learn to walk. Now, I like boobs. And I like legs, too. But which is better? [...]

Gates’ Galling Hypocrisy

This week’s geek insanity news kicks off with arch and nauseating hypocrisy. Bill Gates, the Microsoft Billionaire, sniffed, when asked about Edward Snowden, “You won’t find much admiration from me“. Uh Huh? You won’t find much admiration from geeks in the know about Microsoft’s act of collaborating with the NSA on the NSA PRISM program. [...]

Rocco: Right wing, satire.

Oh man, have you heard? Adolf Hitler has died. I can’t believe it. Man, I fucking loved Hitler. Hitler was totally rad. Not that I agreed with him about anything. Like any decent person I hate everything he stood for. But still, it’s sad, you know? I’m really gonna miss him. He had principles – [...]


This week’s geek insanity news kicks off with a  >SCREAM<  Facebook horror. A schoolgirl’s Facebook post cost her dad a smooth 80,ooo bucks. He won an Age discrimination case against his former employer and his hapless daughter promptly posted a triumphal SUCK-IT-former-employer post on Facebook. Sadly, this violated the non-disclosure clause and a small fortune [...]