This week’s geek insanity news kicks off with a  >SCREAM<  Facebook horror. A schoolgirl’s Facebook post cost her dad a smooth 80,ooo bucks. He won an Age discrimination case against his former employer and his hapless daughter promptly posted a triumphal SUCK-IT-former-employer post on Facebook. Sadly, this violated the non-disclosure clause and a small fortune […]

Eadon on Tech: Government Versus Microsoft – Office Wars

This week’s geek insanity news is what the UK Government thinks is an extortionately expensive geek insanity, namely that giving a small number of software mega-vendors gazillions of tax payers’  bucks a year is generally a bad idea. Your tax gets lavished on two kinds of proprietary software: hand crafted software that operates various mammoth […]

Eadon on Tech – AI will BUST your BRICKS


This week’s geek insanity news kicks off with a startling advance in Artificial Intelligence (AI). You have probably heard of AI in computer games, but such “intelligence” is limited to giving a computer a recipe, distinct instructions that it blindly executes, loosely speaking. In the past I mentioned a type of AI computer program called […]

Eadon Geek News: Twitter Marketers Go Dark Side

social media

This week’s geek insanity news: Twitter is increasingly evil. The hyper micro blogging site knows what other sites you have been visiting. Armed with this valuable information, which, needless to say, violates your privacy, Twitter will bombard you with ads, masquerading as “tweets”, based on what websites you have been visiting. So if your meek […]

Eadon On Hold’Em Poker

Behold resident geek Eadon’s Hold’Em new Poker column Get ready for Las Vegas glam on BOGPAPER! This column is about the massively popular flavour of poker called “Texas Hold’Em”. It’s a dumb name for a smart and exciting game and on that’s much misunderstood. Who should play poker and who should avoid it? For your […]

Mind the Counter Party. Especially on route to gold and silver.

Mind the Counter-Party. Especially on route to gold and silver. The failure of MF Global and Jon Corzine’s behemoth of a futures brokerage is a sharp reminder of the exposure investors and market participants have to their counter-parties. The rising to a head of problems in the Eurozone have brought renewed rises in LIBOR, the […]