Jasay on Piketty

His plea for a radical redistribution of wealth has received an unprecedented welcome from the general public that has long been thirsty for an intellectually respectable excuse for holding the views it naturally does—namely that capitalism spreads wealth unjustly because it does so unequally. In case you didn’t already know, I’m a huge fan of [...]

RGTyler: Road to 2015: Vote 2014

TWO Election Results and a Clear Message! I like many people stayed up on Thursday and Sunday night to see in the results of the Local and European Elections. And I have to admit that I wasn’t disappointed. The council elections have shown us that Labour are a weak opposition that is incapable of making the [...]

Eadon on Tech – Going Shopping? Wear A FREAKY Mask

Your geek insanity news kicks off with a titanic threat to our Internet: the ongoing corrosion of  Network Neutrality. This is the critical, libertarian concept that all internet traffic and all internet sites are equal. From this report, “When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, he didn’t need to ask Comcast, Verizon, [...]

Filthy Lefty Lies about Ukip!

Police officers in Cambridgeshire went to the home of a blogger to quiz him regarding tweets about Ukip. Although nothing illegal had taken place, a complaint was made by a concerned politician who was offended by opinions about Ukip being voiced in public. Clearly, this was the right course of action for the police to [...]

Ananko: Marriage & Co-habitation

It’s not uncommon to hear the papers harp on about how marriage just isn’t forever these days, “‘til death do us part” has seemingly become “‘til convenience do us part”, which is sad, but why? The usual answers are always rolled out, ‘it used to be more difficult to obtain a divorce’, ‘it used to [...]