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  • Martin Pickeringshaw

    At last. I have found a place where people believe the same things I do and are willing to talk about it.
    I’m currently waiting a piece called ” Who owns the bank of England?” Do you think it is the kind of article that would be posted here?


      Most definitely! Send it over to the Bogpaper Elves at

      Thank you!

      Bogpaper Towers

      • David

        I read the introduction to the blog with great interest and I believe in all you say…but please can I have HS2? I love trains.

    • Jas Richy

      Think this would be a very good suggestion .
      I will look forward to reading it .
      Have you come across the concept of the UCC Filings ?
      There appears little response from the UK on this , but might be worth referring to as it might possibly affect the legal status of the Bank of England itself , if the concept is actually valid ?
      Am happy to discuss either publicly or privately

    • Jas Richy

      To Martin Pickeringshaw ,

      Posted a comment re your idea “Who owns the Bank of England ” but perhaps it appears as though my reply relates to HS2 ! Sorry !

  • Colin Miles

    Bogpaper: because no job is finished until the paperwork is done…

  • Colin Miles

    Bogpaper: cleaning up the mess left by yesterday’s Greens.

  • Colin Miles

    Bogpare:runs out when you need it most.

  • http://@joncaunce Juan

    What do you all think about the zeitgeist documentaries
    Is there a way of steering the great Albion into less stormy waters even bay like waters, is it something ukip might do?
    Is it something we all want to talk about in the most eloquent, sarcastic and parodical ways or can we physically do something.
    Why is our government run by young Etonians, why can’t someone with some life experience and maturity step up to the plate, is it because anyone who possesses those characteristics realises that politics is such a massive load of shite

  • Deb Daniels

    We all knew the madness was happening but we did nothing about it
    Now we will have to pick up the pieces so we might as well do it together with like minded people.

  • Peter Meakin

    James cant you send me your weekly blog and other works

  • Iana Miriam Jacobson

    So where does the money come from?

  • James Dobbin

    Nice work. I look forward to reading more.

  • Jas Richy

    I too like this site very much .

    Just a “Flag Up ” .
    There is a Commons Select Committee Inquiry ( Oral evidence just beginning today ) into Local Authority Parking Enforcement . Have any of you had a Parking Ticket ?
    And then wondered — Why are these parking restrictions needed in the first place ?

    Well there’s an interesting Written Submission to this Inquiry . It’s at :-
    Pages 275 to 290 ( of 301 Pages )

    To précis it , it’s called ” The Great Council Parking Fine Scam ” Going De-Crim ” ” .
    It describes ” how the Councils have stolen the streets from the People , and are busy renting these back again at ever increasing rents , and killing Small Businesses in the process , without conscience or remorse ”
    It might be worth a read ?

    Might it be worth some debate on the blogosphere ?

    You might like to consider a general article as to whether these MP’s Inquiries have any value ?


    Jas Richy