Bogpaper podcast with James Delingpole – the Red or the Blue pill?

In what we hope will be the first of many podcasts for Bogpaper, Jan Skoyles and James Delingpole have a chat in the sunshine  about the the parallel universes which we seem to be flipping between at the moment.

James wonders whether, as Neo did, whether he should take the red or the blue pill. Jan has no idea what James is talking about, so just in case, like Jan, you also don’t understand – In the film, the Matrix, the main character Neo is offered the chance to take two pills, his decision will decide his fate and the world upon which he will wake up. If he takes the blue pill then he will just wake up as normal in the world in which he is used to inhabiting. If he takes the red pill then he, like Alice, will ‘go down the rabbit hole’ and find himself in the Matrix, the place where his questions will be answered, as Morphius says ‘All I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.’

Which pill would you take?

Listen to find out which pill James will take by the end of the show.


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  • machokong

    Bloody airplanes, flies by my ears..

    I quite like the whole let your hair down style, it’s nice.

  • Simon Roberts

    Interesting point about why people don’t seem to understand or care about what’s happening. In my experience, for most people, thinking for themselves removes certainty, challenges their world view and introduces the possibility that the government and mainstream media are dishonest and manipulative.

    I saw a fascinating documentary about a certain historic event in New York a decade ago, where Psychologists examined why most people refused to accept the reality of the situation, despite the overwhelming evidence.
    They made the point that the more evidence that exists which challenges people’s world view, the more they become entrenched and emotionally attached to their chosen beliefs.
    In any case, most people would prefer to be wrong with the herd than right but isolated.

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