Gates’ Galling Hypocrisy

This week’s geek insanity news kicks off with arch and nauseating hypocrisy. Bill Gates, the Microsoft Billionaire, sniffed, when asked about Edward Snowden, “You won’t find much admiration from me“.

Uh Huh? You won’t find much admiration from geeks in the know about Microsoft’s act of collaborating with the NSA on the NSA PRISM program. This was one of the more serious abominations that Snowden did us all a favour and blew the whistle on.

Those that buy the story that Gates is a “philanthropist” because he seems to be giving away some of his ill-gotten fortune for good causes should not be blind to the real agenda of Gates’ “Foundation”.

On the topic of NSA horror: more news revealed by leaks: with MYSTIC the NSA can replay all telephone calls world-wide within thirty days, so beware what you say on the blower, the spooks are on the line.  And there’s more! By way of something called TURBINE the NSA are putting into place (according to leaked docs) a system that automatically infects computers in their millions.

To quoth a Politician from the days they were learned: “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” -Benjamin Franklin

The hazards of governments knowing too much about their subjects are unprecedented. Snowden, at great self-risk, has raised the alarm, he is campaigning against the madness, he part of the solution. Gates, on the other hand, is part of the problem. The entire planet is becoming a Stasi regime, where everything we do is tracked and reported to the authorities. We drift into a totalitarian distopia, this is not triggering the widespread alarm. Orwell’s 1984 should be mandatory reading at schools.

In science news, a mathematical model of the creation of the Universe by a medieval fellow has been discovered. The model has been run on a supercomputer. It was found that evolution of the universe was exquisitely sensitive to the numbers you plug in at the start, with most numbers producing a mess. To this very day cosmologists are struggling with that very same problem.

More geek insanity next week but meanwhile please impulse purchase (Amazon UK) a remarkable invention of mine, the Culica Cube.

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    I assume we are all familiar with his talk at TED?
    CO2=PxSxExC, now if we can get P(eople) down towards zero, that would go a long way to reducing the co2 output.
    And his daddy was on the board of Planned Parenthood (or Chinese 1 child policy wrapped up in American advertising)