New video: Irish Constitution halts Sheriff

We must be going a little mad here at Bogpaper Towers with Spring on it’s way, we thought we had shown you the two videos below a long time ago! But it looks like we hadn’t so please watch these and appreciate how powerful knowledge and information can be to anyone. But also just quite how worrying the forceful ignorance some authority and government bodies can act with.

You can find out more about the group behind these videos at the bottom of the page.


And the follow up…


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  • Colin Andress

    This is the “freeman on the land” nonsense. These people are lunatics, and there is no legal basis for their claims.


      Thanks Colin. This is interesting to hear as it appears in the follow up video that this is in fact legal. Are they misquoting the law/Constitution?


    Colin Andress is a BARRISTER, no wonder he’s annoyed.