Is debt immoral?

Gosh what a question! Here at Bogpaper Towers, we probably lean on the affirmative answer to this question. But after listening to Simon Rose’s excellent performance in this, we can see both sides of the argument. The Moral Maze, a radio 4 programme (link below) this week presents a debate as to the morality of debt.

Definitely worth listening to, if just for an eye opener into how other people perceive the need and morality of debt.

Is debt immoral

  • hieronymousey

    I hope it’s okay to add a comment to a blog that mentions me. As so often when you’re being grilled, you never get to say exactly what you hope to. There are several points I would have liked to have made but sometimes you don’t want to behave like politicians who answer the question they want whatever they are asked.

    Is it not immoral to live beyond your means, expecting others to bail you out?

    Is it not immoral to encourage consumer debt for short-term political and financial gain and then rig the system so the consequences of over-indebtedness are concealed?

    Is it not immoral to fail to admit the hopelessly over-indebted position we are in?

    And is it not immoral for governments entrusted with the nation’s well-being to get our finances into such an appalling state that future generations are condemned to debt serfdom?

    Simon Rose