RGTyler: Road to 2015: Reshuffle

For those of you who keep up with the news, and since you’re reading our glorious website I will assume you do, then you may have noticed that we had a little Cabinet reshuffle. This will have been the last one before the 2015 general election and is likely to be what the cabinet will […]

Rocco: The unpalatable truth about apples and oranges

It’s an unwritten rule that you should never explain a joke. I don’t know whether it applies to blog posts too, but just to be on the safest of safe sides I’m going to explain this one in advance. The point of this post is to bring into the sharpest relief possible the assumption that […]

Jasay on Piketty

His plea for a radical redistribution of wealth has received an unprecedented welcome from the general public that has long been thirsty for an intellectually respectable excuse for holding the views it naturally does—namely that capitalism spreads wealth unjustly because it does so unequally. In case you didn’t already know, I’m a huge fan of […]

Rocco: Ed Miliband isn’t confused, his critics are confused. I was never confused!

This past fortnight I’ve been thinking about Ed Miliband. Thinking about his soulful eyes, smooth voice (his accent! OMG! So hot!), great body, and stylish cardigan. I’ve been thinking about his hand on my waist, and his fingers in my hair as he kisses me. Hang on, not Ed Miliband. Thierry Henri, that’s who I […]