RGTyler: Road to 2015: Weak Leadership



When people vote in General Elections the question they almost always ask themselves is “Do I want this individual running the country?” When you look at the current leaders of the main parties, the ones that can actually form a government, they all look pretty weak.

Cameron looks like a prep school headmaster, with an educational background to match, who doesn’t have a clue whats going on in his own classrooms or have control of his own staff. Yet he can still present himself as a leader and is able to work well on the world stage, unless you through  Arch Euro Federalist and professional statist Jean Claude Juncker in the mix. A bit more appetizing when you compare him the leader of the opposition.

Ed Miliband is possibly the weakest leader of the opposition since Ian Duncan Smith and possibly the weakest leader of any political party since Neil Kinnock. He has no charisma, he has a weak public image and he sounds as though he’s been punched in the nose one to many times at school. When it comes to voting day I wonder how anyone could ever see this man as party leader.

His party members won’t remove him because they know that if he fails in 2015 it gives them a chance to run for their parties leadership. Of course that will only divide the party further, no bad thing if you don’t fancy another five years of nanny statism. 

However this does leave us with a problem… Since we have such a weak opposition, the government can get away with passing ever increasingly statist reforms without anyone to stop them. Which does point us to the fact that Cameron himself is no different than Miliband in being a lovey dovey social democratic wet when it comes to social issues.

Cameron and Miliband both seem to agree when it comes to striping us of our civil liberties and right to free choice on issues such as smoking, drinking and generally enjoying life. They also seem to hate the idea of Free Trade and Free Markets as they both seem to be cheerleaders for the over sized and over regulated European Union. 

So what’s the viable alternative? Well some would say that it’s voting for UKIP? However I view that as merely running away from the problem. The only way we can make an actual difference and fight back against the social democratic, lovey dovey, one nation, anti-liberal, Westminster elite is too remove Cameron and friends, and replace them with real conservatives and real liberals. Once we’ve achieved that it’s time to reclaim Britain from the EU and open our doors to global business again. 



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  • mikebravo

    it’s all so depressing – it makes me want to scream.
    the proles are offered a pig or a boar as leader and they are so self absorbed that they vote for shaved or not shaved depending on whether they prefer bald or a bit hairy.
    is it the tv that has made us so stupid or do we all just vote because we are told it is such a privilege to pick our own leader/master?
    the proles will not wake up until they have nothing to eat.