Reader contribution: The US National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed

Once again, huge thanks to top Bogpaper Elf David Roberts who has contributed the following. Defintely worth your time.

Whilst Anthony Robbins describes himself politically as an Independent rather than a Conservative or Libertarian, at Bogpaper Towers we think that he does a great job, in this video, of generating an understanding of the true magnitude of the US debt and deficit. He communicates a plan to “soak the rich” in order to enable the US government to pay all its bills and to show the consequences of this kind of approach. Now, find out how successful his plan is.

  • http:/// Chris Ward

    I wonder if anyone has the resources to do the same kind of comparison for the UK or, perhaps more interestingly, the European Union?

  • Iamreplete

    It is November.
    The link you propose is dated April.
    He talks about “ an election year…”, but that is no longer the case, it is now Obama’s 4 years.
    Perhaps an update might be called for.