Why I Write For Bogpaper, And Why You Might Like To

I don’t get paid for writing for Bogpaper.

I have absolutely no idea how many people read Bogpaper.

I haven’t a clue how many people read my posts for Bogpaper.

I don’t know how many of the people who read my posts agree, even partially, with the stuff I write on Bogpaper.

But I spend hours crafting articles, and reading them over and over checking for errors. I do my best to make them as clear as possible, as readable as possible, and as convincing as possible, week in, week out.

I do this because writing is, for me, enjoyable in and of itself: basically, I like writing. And, of course, I enjoy the interaction with readers in the comments.

But above all else, I do it because I believe the things I write about. I believe in the things I write about. I believe in liberty. I believe in free markets. I believe a voluntary society would “make the world a better place”.

And I believe that the only way to create a voluntary society is by convincing people to believe these things too. So I write stuff for Bogpaper.

And if you believe this as well, then you might like to write stuff for Bogpaper.

If you are interested, please get in touch at bogpaper@gmail.com

PS. If you were hoping for a “real” post from me, I have one on the ‘right to die’ at Libertarian Home: Party or die? Neither, thanks

Links to all my posts for Bogpaper and Libertarian Home can be found on google plus: Rocco Bogpaper

  • Talwin

    I’ve often mused on what it must be like to spend what clearly will have been some considerable time writing for such as this place, only to see relatively few responses. The number of responses is not of course any meaningful indication of readership.

    I guess there will be others who, like me, come here most days to see the latest on offer. By definition, I suppose, we enjoy/appreciate what we read, whether we agree with it or not. But I imagine for the most part we support or sympathise with the views on offer. (However, I accept this doesn’t always follow as, for example, I will occasionally read the likes of Owen Jones who I find an unreconstructed tosser, largely writing naive, student crap.)

    Not all are blessed with the ability to provide insightful or profound commentary of what we have read; let alone come up with an interesting, sane and readable article.

    Keep up the good work. You are not alone.

    • Rocco @Bogpaper

      Thank you, Talwin. It’s nice to know you’re still reading.

    • DanV

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m here at least once a day to look for new stuff to read, and always enjoy what I find. Wouldn’t worry too much about the lack of a readership – intellectually/ethically speaking, libertarianism is up against some pretty strong cultural forces – but it’s definitely a worldview with a future.

      • Rocco @Bogpaper

        Thanks, Dan. Your support is much appreciated.

  • Ben Kelly

    Surely the hit count for the site and posts gives some indication of readership? Well, i’m reading anyway. You’re even bookmarked.

    • Rocco @Bogpaper

      That’s great, Ben.

      Yeah, I’m sure I could find out all that stuff, but, quite honestly, I don’t terribly care. I write things that I think promote liberty and as long as I have the opportunity I’ll keep doing it.

      Thanks for reading, man.

      • Ben Kelly

        No, fair enough mate. Writing for the sake of writing is a good thing. I would like to write for the site actually, I’ll drop you an e-mail with some details about myself.

        • Rocco @Bogpaper


  • AeronPage

    Keep up the good work Rocco. I check in pretty much every day, even if it is just to affirm that somebody else out there shares similar views.

    I’d be interested in writing, but a bit apprehensive that I’d just be a poor man’s Rocco. :)

    • Rocco @Bogpaper

      I wouldn’t let that put you off, dude. I’m only a poor (bankrupt?) man’s… whoever I’ve been reading that week.

      • AeronPage

        Well, perhaps then. The old grey matter needs a bit of exercise.

        • Rocco @Bogpaper

          I look forward to it.

          • AeronPage

            Revenge porn!
            Now there’s a post that needs writing.

  • Russell Taylor

    Keep up the good work, Rocco. I’ve been away, but will be back in action soon.

    • Rocco @Bogpaper

      About time, too, you lazy sod! xD

  • Q46

    I keep an eye in you.

    • Rocco @Bogpaper

      That sounds pretty weird, dude!

      Seriously though, thanks for reading, man.

  • Tim

    Cheer up mate. I have you bookmarked and check in a few times a week.

    I’ll give it a go if I can string a few sentences together. There’s stuff out there that’s too scary to do nothing about. Reading articulate articles that support your viewpoint is great for ammo in pub debates with lefties, greenies, and tory stooges. The ripple effect is greater than the initial pebble.

    • Rocco @Bogpaper

      Thanks, Tim. I look forward to reading something, dude.